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A home is where families are built and memories are made. It should also be a source of pride and beauty that reflects your lifestyle and achievements. As one of Central Florida’s largest and most well respected custom residential contractors, our reputation has been built on craftsmanship and creativity, but it is through customer service and experience that we have differentiated ourselves.

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    At Brentwood, we are committed to being Orlando’s premier custom home builder and residential remodeler, and we believe that our past clients and projects serve as testaments to our success. If you are considering a room addition, home renovation or a new custom home, contact us for a free design consultation.

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Ways to Finance Home Renovations in Florida

Cash savings is not the only way to finance home renovations. In fact, many home owners don’t have the liquidity and often resort to other options. If you’re in this same boat, here are a few different ways to finance home renovations in Florida. 1 – Home Equity Loan If you have equity in your […]

Pre-sale Home Renovations

Pre-sale Home Renovations in Florida

As you think about selling your home, you may be wondering whether renovations are worthwhile. Could home renovations dramatically improve your home’s value and/or help it sell more quickly? Here is some information that may help you decide on pre-sale home renovations in Florida. The Competition Take a quick peek at other homes for sale […]

Tech Savvy Home Renovations | Smart Home Gadgets

Technology is becoming engrained in every aspect of our daily lives. Within homes, they can provide added functionality and convenience. When completing other renovations, it’s a great time to also incorporate technology. Here’s how you can accomplish tech savvy home renovations. Smart Home Accessories Smart home accessories allow you to control your home via a […]

Zero Energy Single Family Homes

The environment is a growing concern. One way that everyone can help protect the environment is to use less energy. Zero energy is a term that describes homes that are so energy efficient, they produce as much energy as they use,…. thus accomplishing zero net energy usage. Here’s a brief look at ways of creating […]

5 Steps to Completing a Florida Home Renovation

Home renovations can be both fun and stressful. It’s important to have a plan and to know what to expect. Here are 5 key steps to completing a Florida home renovation project. 1 – Set Your Goals It all starts with your goals. What are you looking to accomplish with your home renovation? Are you […]

5 Ways to Make Your Home Renovations Eco-friendly

Home renovations are a great opportunity to use modern materials and to become more environmentally conscious. There are both small and big ways to do so. Here are 5 ways to make your home renovations eco-friendly. 1 – Purchase Recycled Materials Many products these days are manufactured using recycled materials. For instance, there is recycled […]

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