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A home is where families are built and memories are made. It should also be a source of pride and beauty that reflects your lifestyle and achievements. As one of Central Florida’s largest and most well respected custom residential contractors, our reputation has been built on craftsmanship and creativity, but it is through customer service and experience that we have differentiated ourselves.

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    At Brentwood, we are committed to being Orlando’s premier custom home builder and residential remodeler, and we believe that our past clients and projects serve as testaments to our success. If you are considering a room addition, home renovation or a new custom home, contact us for a free design consultation.

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3 Florida Home Renovations with Good ROI

Renovating your home can be a big expense. In addition to your own enjoyment of the renovated space, you’ll want to see some type of return on that investment in the form of increased home values. Some renovations are more worthwhile than others. Here are a few examples of Florida home renovations with good ROI […]

Clever Interior Design Tricks for Florida Homeowners

Are you looking for ways to add or free up space in your home? Feeling confined by limited square footage and/or searching for ideas to minimize clutter? You may be overlooking many different tactics to live larger and embrace your existing space. You just need to get creative with your approach! Here are some clever […]

Dangers of DIY Renovation Projects

We all love to complete a DIY project. After all, it’s fun, often saves money, and can be extremely rewarding. However, when should you really avoid DIY? When it comes to major renovations that effect the structure or overall value of your home, it’s best to leave it to the pros. Here are some dangers […]

Enhancing Outdoor Living Space in Your Florida Home

If you live in Florida, then you know that outdoor living space is just as important as indoor living space. If you’re thinking of renovating, why not use that opportunity to maximize the use of your home? Here are ways of enhancing outdoor living space in your Florida home. Install an Outdoor Kitchen An outdoor […]

6 Window Designs For Florida Renovation Projects

Window selections are just as important as any other feature of your home. Windows can completely change the look and feel of a room, altering the amount of sunlight that enters it and being a focal point, if necessary. There are actually several different types of windows to consider. Below are some helpful details on […]

Energy Efficient Features to Include in Your Florida Home Renovation

Home renovations are a perfect time to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and to make improvements as part of your new design. Such features are great for the environment and also help reduce your home ownership expenses. Here are a few energy efficient features to include in your Florida home renovation. Wi-fi Enabled Programmable Thermostats […]

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